Friday, 17 June 2011

One less platform to program for?

Rim's been doing bad recently.  Really bad.  They still shipped 13.2 million blackberries last year, but that's they're seeing a big dent in sales.

It's crazy to think how badly they're doing considering that at one point, they had the only "smartphone" (smart for the time at least) in the game.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


So, after slaving away for the past couple of weeks on some algorithms assignments and getting ready for my midterm, I got my first mark back from the class.  It was for the first midterm, and still no word on the assignments that were handed in.

I thought I nailed the midterm and in the worst case scenario I could imagine I would have gotten an 80, but it turns out I got a 66.  And the prof didn't have the midterms with her in class and wasn't going to return them until after the midterm.

This is a 2 month class that ends at the end of this month.  Dropped that class like a sack of bricks.  Can't have that poor quality feedback and expect me to stay - I dunno what the prof was thinking.

Good news resulting:  less time studying, more time to work on this game!