Thursday, 28 April 2011

Books I've chosen, next steps

Ok, so I've picked out a few Android books to read:
  • Android Programming Tutorials by Mark L. Murphy (meant for Android 3.0!)
  • Professional Android 2 Development by Reto Meier
I was considering having this blog talk about each chapter as I read them and test them out, but that would probably be a horribly boring blog and nobody would want to read it.  So instead, I'm going to talk more about game design decisions I'm making for my unnamed bomberman-style game.

Can't wait to get started.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Let's design a game!

In a way, I'm kind of lucky that I'm not sure how to program with Android yet.  Because of that, I can design my game while reading a couple of books on Android programming, and I won't have my program tainted by my desire to just jump in and get coding.  Hopefully this will result in a better game.

Ok, so first thing's first - on the agenda for the rest of today I'm going to get some books and set up Eclipse with the Android 3 SDK.  My main computer is down right now, so I'm going to take some notes while doing the install just in case.  Hopefully I'll just be able to use a guide somewhere on the internet to help me out.

I've done an install before, but that was a year and a half ago, and I can see from the Android development site that a lot has changed.  Oh well, here goes nothing!

Not all business

So, same as my other post for my body blog, I've noticed that I want to blog about more than just my business ideas.  This is the other project I've been considering for this summer and onwards.  I've got a love for old video games (mostly SNES games) and some of my best childhood memories are from having parties with my friends, playing Super Bomberman 3.  It was one of the only games we had that took our 5-player adapter for the SNES and allowed us to play 5 player games.  It was so awesome at the time.

This blog is going to cover me learning about how to use Android with the goal of making a game in the bomberman battle mode style.  Ultimately, I'd like to release the game for cheap and allow up to 5 players to play battle mode multiplayer.

Many of the posts will probably about designing the game while I figure Android out, and only after a while will the blog turn to my game itself.