Sunday, 29 May 2011

Programming songs

Every once in a while I get listening to a song when I start doing a new kind of programming and I just start associating the two together.  For example, when I was taking C++ and I started getting into it, Ke$ha's Tik Tok had just came out and was playing all the time on the radio.  Now I associate the two and every time Tik Tok comes on, I feel like programming some C++ and every time I do some C++ I HAVE to go to youtube and put that song on. 

I know... the song isn't even that good.

This time around, I've started listening to a much better song, and I think I'll be able to live with having to put this on every time I do some server side java programming.  It's got this big sexy hook I think you guys are going to dig.


  1. Man when I came to the middle part of the post I got a glimpse of the word sex(y) and thought you where going the associate a song with sex so everytime you.. well you get it.

    Anyway great vid, that was way fun. I'm a big Michael Bolton fan. This gets him in the spotlight again maybe. The boys though were whack, with their weak orchestra hits ;b

  2. I generally whack on an Anjunabeats album (trance, look it up). Great beats for programming... definitely.

  3. Nice tunes to lay down some code.

  4. They just wanted a song about clubbing...

  5. Great post. Concise and detailed. Thank you for sharing!